Congolese family re-united

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Congolese refugee family reunited
Grasnie with granddaughter

Gasore with granddaughter

After 14 years of being apart, Gasore, a Congolese man, has finally been reunited with his family who have been stuck in Kibuye Kiziba Refugee Camp in Rwanda. The family, including his wife, sons, daughter and granddaughter, arrived in Coffs Harbour on March 30th.

During their time apart, Gasore has suffered greatly, worrying about the well-being of his family in the camp day and night.

Stuck in Kiziba refugee camp, the family faced a lot of insecurity and difficulties including threats of violence, rape and destruction of their house. Gasore constantly worried about his family and particularly the safety of his daughter and grandchild.

Gasore went to many organisations seeking assistance with his sponsorship but was not able to sponsor his family successfully until he came to Sanctuary for help.

Upon their arrival in Coffs Harbour, the whole Congolese community gathered to greet them. Later Sanctuary was invited by the community to a big welcoming event where all Sanctuary donors were thanked for their ongoing support.

3 Comments on “Congolese family re-united”

  1. Laurene Mitongo

    The UNHCR south Africa does not support refugees. I couldn’t renew my paper ( asylum seeker ) for 6 months. I had to go to lawyers to give me a letter to send my child at school. My husband who have a status couldn’t do a joining family. We’ve been attacked many times, we opened cases to the police and the UNHCR, but nothing happening. Refugee need to be treated the same way they treating others. We are not animals in South Africa. We bleeding the same blood like others. We also deserve peace. Can the Sanctuary foundation assist us ?

  2. Mark Hallam

    Thank you for your message Luarene. Please contact us via our contact page and we will endeavor to assist you. Unfortunately, with so many applicants, it is not always possible to respond immediately.

    1. nicolas nsangwa machafu

      May GOD bless you and keep up on doing more for refugees in Africa
      we need support as we are not well treated here. I am also a refugee from Congo living in Kenya under refugee status. We are also facing the same challenges here, please I need your assistance on how to come out of this issues that make me not sleeping well, I am having so much stress and any aid from Sanctuary Australia Foundation would be appreciated.

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