Ex-refugees into work

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Refugees into work

Manyuon Malak Mou, known by his mates as “Manny,” arrived in Coffs Harbour as a young child 22 years ago, from Kakuma Refugee Camp in N. Kenya.

His family were sponsored, supported and settled by Sanctuary Australia Foundation.

With Sanctuary’s help, Manny was recently successful in attaining a position with local solar company SI Clean Energy.

He has completed Certificate 4 in Environmental Science at Southern Cross University which makes him a prime candidate for this field of work.

SI Clean Energy had said it was very important to have stable employees like Manny so that they could feel confident in spending time and money in training.

Manny’s job title is Tradesman’s Assistant, and he is presently working on recycling Solar inverters, and working hard to gain a solid career path for his future.

Manny loves his work and aims to get an apprenticeship as a Solar Power Installer.

Sanctuary works closely with the local community and is always happy to hear from other employers who may have positions available.


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