Often individuals or organisations are not aware that they can make material donations and receive tax-deductible in-kind receipts for them, as with financial donations. This is a generous way that business can support us and reduce our operating costs so that money can be used more effectively to help refugees.

We currently need:

  • Office supplies such as computers, chairs, ink cartridges, and an ADSL modems
  • Services for new arrivals (or for Sanctuary)
  • Office /building/storage space for Sanctuary
  • Provision of a venue for events
  • Food and drinks for events
  • Land and houses for temporary accommodation of new arrivals
  • A vehicle for the moving of goods donated by the community for new arrivals.
  • Discounted flights for humanitarian entrants
  • Training and Education for clients
  • Work experience and opportunities for new arrivals
  • Extra stock or goods that your organisation might have on hand
  • Boats, trailers, caravans and storage containers
  • Donation Collection Boxes

We would link to thank the following organisations for their generous in-kind support:

Brother Australia