Yoko Ono supports the work of Sanctuary Australia Foundation

Yoko Ono has agreed to allow Sanctuary to use the words from John Lennon’s song ‘Give Peace a Chance’ on cards and T-shirt to raise money for victims of war. It is a unique design using religious symbols to spell PEACE – Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and peace doves icon. Sanctuary relies completely on the generosity of the community for support and is run with the utmost integrity, to assist refugees in real need, regardless of race or religion. Profits on Sanctuary T-shirts and cards will directly fund refugee airfares. Please see our PDF version by clicking on the following link:

Peace T-shirt Product List (PDF)

Please fill out the below form to order:
Products Order Form (DOC)

Sanctuary PEACE cards

Peace Cards

By purchasing these cards, you are supporting Sanctuarys vital, life-saving work

A pack of ten (5 red, 5 green) costs $15 -only $1.50 each! Please add $3 for postage within Australia

Ideal for your Christmas cards this year, or for any special occasion. Keep a stock of these unique, quality cards always at the ready.

Female Peace T-shirt

Womens & Girls T-Shirts

Men's Peace T-shirt

Mens T-Shirts

Children's Peace T-shirt

Children’s Peace T-shirts (no text on back)

To order cards or T-shirts please phone (02) 66522127 or email VISA and MASTERCARD accepted.