Stuck in Aleppo, The Most Dangerous City on Earth

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A family of 8 (Mother, Father, 5 girls and one boy), in Aleppo are under threat of constant bombing and have asked for our assistance. Rasha* asked for our help:evleenwhite

“Hello, my name is Rasha*, 28 years old, from the Syrian city of Aleppo, I hold a university degree in mathematical statistics.

“We live in the most dangerous city in the world. It deserves this description aptly in terms of the death and destruction every day in addition to the deprivation of all the basics of life we do not see including having water only for a few hours each month and sometimes more, electricity is also only a few hours a day, the equivalent of four to five hours and the addition of permanent siege food and cause high prices and lack of availability. What the city of Aleppo has endured is unbearable and I cannot believe we are in the twenty-first century.”

“On the 03/20/2014 of rocket-propelled grenade in a neighborhood of Aleppo, due to flying debris rocket, l suffer from severe wounds to my head, my legs and my back including perforation of the tympanic membrane in the left ear as a result of the explosion sound and resulted in the rapid process ambulatory to the amputation of each my right leg, my left foot and the amputation of the index finger of my left hand. I suffer from poor prosthetics. I cannot walk very well so I’m working and I spend on myself because of poor artificial limbs, I have no one looks after me. My father is retired and what is worst is that my brother is younger than me with about four years, so I implore you to accept my application and to help and sponsor me. I gratitude you. Thank you very much for you.”


“I did not remind you that during the bombing died, my husband turned to shreds and he had been on my wedding only fifty days, I did not mention it because I hate the anniversary and because I have become in this case and the widow, too, hate the very word widow.”

We have agreed to sponsor this family but unfortunately cannot guarantee whether or not they will be able to be resettled in Australia, due to the fact that they have no direct family here.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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